A training program for the creation of self-organization bodies of Roma communities to members of initiative groups has been developed

Lawyers of Human Rights Fund “Progress” has developed comprehensive training program for members of initiative groups on creation of organs of self-organization bodies of Roma communities.

This program will be included in the handbook for the creation, development and management bodies of self-organization of Roma communities and will be the main basic training program for all members of Roma communities, who want to learn how to manage their own Roma community.

The training program includes topics such as

  1. Terms and Organs of self-organization structure of the population
  2. Body self-activity Planning Roma community
  3. Co-operation with local authorities
  4. The participation of representatives of Roma communities in decision-making processes at the local level
  5. Involvement of Roma communities in the development of their territory

    After the training participants from among the representatives of Roma communities will

    – Have knowledge about the establishment of a body of self-organization of the Roma community

    – Form the basic management skills required for effective management of the Roma community via OSRG

    – Be able to develop simple advocacy campaigns to promote the interests of the Roma community

    – Develop confidence and a sense of responsibility for the development of their communities

    – Develop practical skills that are important to perform the necessary functions for members OSRO

    – They will learn to develop their own plans OSRO activities

    – Possess the means and mechanisms to attract residents of Romani communities in decision-making processes

    – Acquire practical experience in establishing contacts and cooperation with local authorities.

    The project “Empowering Roma communities of Mukachevo district in decision making at the local level” is implemented by Human Rights Fund “Progress” with the support of Roma program initiative of the International “Renaissance” Foundation.