Mission and directions

Human Rights Fund “Progress” is a charitable organization that was founded in 2011 on the initiative of the civil society activists, who sought to raise the level of the legal culture and legal awareness of the citizens of Ukraine.

Our mission is to teach people to defend their rights

Structural units of fund:

1. CLIC “Mukachevo Human Rights Center”
2. Resource Centre of Local Democracy
3. Resource Center of Roma self-government

What we do:

– Providing free primary legal aid to all persons within the jurisdiction of Ukraine;

– Representing members of the Roma national minority in the courts and strategic legal cases;

– Creation of the local programs of providing free primary legal aid;

– Providing free legal advice on the establishment of the self-government bodies (SGBs) and condominium (condominium associations);

– Conducting seminars on the development of the forms of local democracy: the general assembly, local initiatives, public hearings;

– Conducting training and seminars on the subject of human rights and anti-discrimination;

– Protecting the rights of the Roma national minority and developing of the Roma Self-Governance Body;

– Preparation of proposals of amendments to the law on issuing of identifying documents to the members of the Roma national minority;

– Conducting advocacy and information campaigns;

– Creation of information materials on social issues: publications, analytical articles, photos and video reports;

– Conducting trainings and seminars on women’s leadership and potential development;

– Implementation of cultural exchange programs for young people.