Social journalism


Today, the Ukrainian journalism is mostly focused on the coverage of “hot” topics that enable to reach a large audience and get a quick and rapid response. Politics, crime, natural disasters, accidents – something that has always had a huge demand in the consumer media; but, these questions not always can display the social reality.

It’s very important component of optimal functioning of all social institutions and society in general is a qualitative social journalism, which is engaged in highlighting the problems associated with the contradictions inside society. And also thoroughly examines the critical social events and topics. If summarize, it is journalism about specific individuals and social groups and it’s work for people.

This journalism affects very sharp and controversial aspects of public life; it requires a detailed analysis of the theme or phenomenon, a kind of “immersion” in the situation in order to avoid further escalation of the conflict or the exacerbation of the problem. The basic principle of this work would be like medical credo: “Do not harm!”. In addition, the publications on this topic have to offer possible solutions to the problem, provide examples of such solutions, change the perception of certain aspects of social life in general.

For journalists of our Fund, the work in social journalism is an opportunity to show what problems are faced by all socially vulnerable groups of people. We mainly focus on the coverage of the life of the Roma community.

Working in this direction, we perform the following tasks:
• Introducing the individual success stories in a particular situation, as a precedent for the creating the algorithms to solve similar situations;
• Show all kinds of breaking the law by government officials or discriminatory acts;
• Prepare materials about the importance and significance of the Roma history and culture as prevention of stereotyping and discrimination against Roma;
• Develop analytical materials about the problems, which are faced by the representatives of socially vulnerable people and their solutions;
• Highlight innovative vision of the people on problems that exist in society;
• Provoke the beginning of social debate, presenting an alternative vision of community development of the country.

Dear friends, if you know the facts of human rights violations, of breaking law or abuse of power, then send us the information. You can also send us topics that, in your opinion, should be covered. We are interested in cooperation with activists who are not indifferent to the problems of our region.