Youth programs


Young people have unlimited potential and creativity, which they need for changes in their own lives and in the life of their country. Working with young people, we aim to expand their rights and opportunities to help them competently participate in the development of society and jointly promote social changes to create a culture of peace in the world.

Our program promotes international mobility, intercultural dialogue and European integration, especially among young people aged 18-30.

For this purpose we organize free online webinars and workshops in schools, where we talk about:
– The program “International Career” which is created on the basis of the program “Au-Pair”
– The affordable and free education in European universities and prospects after the receiving the European education
– How to become a multilingual translator with knowledge of 5 foreign languages after 2 years of study in Europe and how to find a well-paid job
– The legal and safe stay abroad while studying and living in Europe, and about the prevention of human trafficking
– The conditions of being in the EU and of the system of “Shengen”
– The youth tourism, youth discounts and how to travel cheaper in 24 countries in Europe without a visa
– How to live for free during the weekend in the most beautiful capitals of Europe

By the program “International Career”, we want to encourage active youth to greater achievements in their lives, to develop themselves personally and professionally, to expand their horizons through getting familiar with other cultures, to participate in various international exchange programs receive grants to study, to gain life experience and just to travel.