Our team

The strength of our fund is in our team.
We are proud that our team consists of highly-qualified specialists. Each of us has an active social position and has years of experience in the field of human rights. We have teamed up to promote ideas that change society.

Fund management

Nataliia KozyrNataliia Kozyr, Executive Director
The main work in the fund:
– Managing of Local Democracy Resource Centre
– Development and management of projects
– Organization of the process of strategic and operational planning
– Establishment and maintaining cooperation with state and local authorities, partner organizations

Managment board

Maria YasenovskaMaria Yasenovska, the member of Board
The President of the Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Social Alternative”.
The Co-Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Coalition against discrimination in Ukraine.
The trainer of the Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe.
The Expert on Human Rights, education and monitoring.
Vera YakovenkoVera Yakovenko, Master of Laws
UNDP trainer for the prevention of domestic violence.
Trainer of the Council of Europe project “Strengthening and protection of children’s rights in Ukraine” for interviewing children victims or witnesses of violence who also committed violence”
Trainer UHHRU.
– Since 2013, the monitor of the National Preventive Mechanism (orders of the Commissioner of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights on the monitoring of implementation of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in the places of custody).
– Regional Coordinator for public relations of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in the Poltava region.
– Senior Lecturer, Department of Law of the Poltava Institute of Economics and Law University VMURoL “Ukraine

Supervisory council

Olexandra MatviychukOlexandra Matviychuk, human rights activist
Member of the Advisory Council under the Commissioner of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights.
Сoordinator of Euromaidan SOS.
Chairman of the NGO “Center for Civil Liberties”
Maxim LatsibaMaxim Latsiba, public lobbyist
Head of programs of the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies.
Public expert in planning and conducting advocacy campaigns in the area of civil society development.
Member of the Coordinating Council on the implementation in Ukraine Initiative the “Partnership “Open Government”
Ksenia ProkonovaKsenia Prokonova, lawyer
Chairman of the Educational Legal Policy Committee in the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association (UAA)
Coordinator of the OdesSOS.
J.partner of white-collar crime Juscutum.
Andrij MisiatsAndrij Misiats, advocate
PhD in Law.
The Chairman of the KRPO “Podolsky legal league”
The managing partner of the Law Office “Misiats and Partners”
The member of the Higher Qualification-Disciplinary Bar Commission.
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Human Rights Fund “Progress”
Andrij VyshnyakAndrij Vyshnyak
Chairman of the Charitable Fund “Center for Civic Initiatives”.
Trainer – the representative of the Counterpart Creative Centre in Transcarpathian region.
The deputy of the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

Expert council

Expert Council of Human Rights Fund “Progress” – an advisory body that brings together experts on human rights, anti-discrimination and on the development of local democracy. The main content of the Council – to develop proposals and other expert recommendations on activities (expert support) Human Rights Fund “Progress”.

Vladimir KupriyVladimir Kupriy
PhD in Public Administration.
The Executive Director of the Foundation “Creative Center”.
An expert on civil society development, organizational development of NGOs, community development. Experience in the NGO sector – almost 24 years.
Tatiana PechonchykTatiana Pechonchyk, the journalist, human rights activist
The Chairman of the Human Rights Information Center.
A member of the Expert Council under the Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights on the implementation of the national preventive mechanism.
Graduated from the Institute of Philology Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Studied at the Harvard University on Program “Ukrainian Research Institute”

Roma council

Roma Council of the Human Rights Fund “Progress” is an advisory body that brings together experts in protecting the rights of the Roma national minority, combating discrimination of Roma and developing the Roma Self-Governance Body. The main goal of the Roma Council is to develop proposals and other expert recommendations on activities (expert support) of the Human Rights Fund “Progress” in the protection of the rights of the Roma national minority.

Vladimir CondurVladimir Condur, lawyer, human rights activist
The Head of the Roma Human Rights Center “Social legal aid”
The Head of the coalition of Roma NGOs “Strategy 2020”.
Nicholay BurlutskyyNicholay Burlutskyy, human rights activist
The Head of the NGO “Chachimo”
Bible Translator (serv dialect). Translator of the Romani-Russian dictionary.
Ilona BalogIlona Balog
The Roma leader, the head of the Roma settlement in Chop.

The fund team

Iryna LysnychkaIryna Lysnychka, the head of the “Mukachevo Human Rights Center”
Advocate, the graduate student of G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Theme: “Psychological and legal features of the work of the secretary of the court”).
The main work in the fund:
– The development of legal aid in the region
– Providing primary and secondary legal aid, representation and defense in the court
– The management of the Fund of Strategic Affairs
– The development of self-government bodies of Roma communities
Renata BalogRenata Balog, the head of the resource center of the Roma self-government in the Transcarpathian region
The main work in the fund:
– Development of the Roma self-government
– The provision of free primary legal aid to Roma
– Representation of Roma in public authorities
– The development of women’s leadership among Roma women
Iryna MyroniukIryna Myroniuk, media manager
The main work in the fund:
– Development and implementation of information campaigns
– Development of media and PR strategies within the framework of project activities
– Preparation of information materials
– Organization of media events, establishing the public relations and media.
Georgina PfeiferGeorgina Pfeifer, deputy head of the resource center of the Roma self-government in the Transcarpathian region
The main work in the fund:
– Coordinating the work of initiative groups on creation the organs of self-organization in the Roma communities
– Representation and accompaniment the Roma in state institutions
– Provision of information help to Roma about access to free legal aid.
Viktor PetrikViktor Petrik, website administrator
The main work in the fund:
– Coordinate the creation, content and updates of the site.
– Control the web accessibility of the website.
– The current management of the structure and content of the site by CMS tools.
Anastasiia SapunkovaAnastasiia Sapunkova, translator
The main work in the fund:
– Translation of the information materials from German and English languages
– Translation of the project documents
Matviy BalintMatviy Balint
The Head of the first Roma Self-Governance Body in Svaliava.
The deputy of Svaliava city council from the Roma settlement.
Oleksander BalogOleksander Balog
The Roma leader, honorary elder of the largest Roma settlement in Ukraine, which is located in Mukachevo.