Roma Self-Governance Body

Development of Roma Self-Governance Body. Information and legal support

Programs for youth

Educational seminars and trainings. International cultural exchange programs

Roma rights protection

Assistance in certification, legalization, protection of rights and interests in court. The development of the Roma self-governance bodies.

Social journalism

Objective coverage information and drawing public attention to social problems

Legal aid

Providing free primary and secondary legal aid to socially vulnerable groups within the population

Advocacy and lobbying

Public lobbying of community interests. Conducting advocacy campaigns


Dear friends and partners, you are at the web-site of the Human Rights Fund “Progress”. Our work is aimed to develop local democracy where separate strong local communities create the real unified democratic civil society, based on the principles of human rights and the rule of law.

Through the protection and promotion of public interest we are increasing the capacity of civil society and influence on lawmaking. Through advocacy campaign we are changing the system of values and create a tolerant, open society with cultural diversity. Through education programs we are developing a culture of justice and leadership of the most powerful parts of our society – young people, who are always seeking for change.

We are open to cooperation and invite all active, ambitious and progressive-minded people to join in the activities of our fund.

We are absolutely convinced of the correctness of the chosen path. Through mutual support and joint efforts, we can change our city, our region, our country! We have much more chances to reach our goal if we work together.

Our achievements


granted legal consultations


won cases in the courts


conducted educational seminars and trainings


prepared information materials


social projects implemented


won strategic cases in the courts