A Сommemorative Postage Stamp for The International Roma Day


In celebration of the International Day Roma we created the first postage stamp dedicated to the Roma. Basically, the stamps depict famous people, great episodes of the historical events. April 8 – is a significant date in the life of 12 million Roma in the World. The appearance of this stamp – have some kind of recognition of the Roma’s role in the historical process.

Today the first of a planned series stamp that will be an example of illustrated history of Roma comes into circulation. The celebration of the International Roma Day is the most generally recognized symbol by means of which the Roma feel the importance of their contribution to the World cultural treasury and pride in their existence. Portrait of Roma women, which is located on the stamp, have one aim – to change the labels of hate speech and xenophobic attitudes to the labels of respect and dignity.

The portrait of Roma woman created by joint efforts of those who really care about the Roma: “Discussions about how Roma should look lasted more than one day, – says Oleg Grigoryev. – After consultations with leaders of Roma organization we chose a common version of the image for the stamp. On the first stamp we portrayed Roma woman who absorbed all the best that is associated with the melodious soul of the Roma people. Roma woman, who is depicted on the stamp, appeals to: culture, customs and history which every minority has, and which is the essence of the identity of every nation”


The vision of Romani was transferred on paper by the great granddaughter of Roma dancer Onno, painter Katerina Lutak, who knows a lot of about Hungarian Roma: “There is a lot of all the people in literature , their history is studied in schools, they are associated with something pleasant … Unfortunately, I cannot say this about Roma. Today Roma are those who have no place in the country; they are considered as second-class people. I’m scared of all the negativity that covers Roma. Sometimes I think, that because of this, there will be no one who could keep and save our true heritage of Roma. That is why I together with the Charitable fund “Progress” began to create a thumbnail of a stamp, which was the revival of Roma history in the art of miniatures. I was overwhelmed by emotions of pride for my people when I draw a Roma woman of divine beauty. This stamp will be as a grain which goes in to the historical heritage of Roma. We will continue to collect these grains in order not to lose the rich history of the Romani people”

For the most of us it is a simple color sticker in the right corner of the envelope. For the Roma it is a symbol of solidarity and pride in the celebration of this great Day. Of course, the stamp cannot stop all manifestations of hostility and anti-Roma actions in society. But it can create an image in the minds of people, according to which Roma are happy people. People who have their rich history and unique traditions.

The press center of the Charitable fund “Progress”