The Monitoring Visits were Held to the Territorial Centers of Social Service in Transcarpathian Region

National Preventive Mechanism

On the 5th of May, 2016 there were held monitoring visits by a specialist of the Department on the implementation of the national preventive mechanism of the Secretariat of the Commissioner Anastasia Kluga and regional coordinator in the Transcarpathian region Oleg Grigoryev to two regional centers in the Transcarpathian region.

During the visits there were checked the district territorial centers of social services for the citizens in Mukachevo and Uzhgorod cities. Local centers are formed to provide social services to the citizens, who are in difficult life circumstances and need the assistance. In stationary offices people can stay temporarily or permanently.

During the visits, which took place without warning, heads of territorial centers of social service for pensioners, who live alone, and for disabled citizens in the Uzhgorod and Kolchyno demonstrated complete openness and willingness to cooperate, ensure unimpeded access to the premises and communication with clients.

In both institutions, a small number of people resides: in Mukachevo – 11 and 33 in Uzhgorod. This low occupancy helps to create a home atmosphere; each ward has been overlooked by staff. Living conditions were comfortable: good renovation in rooms, round the clock access to hot water, the opportunity to receive information (TV, newspapers, regular visits by social and religious organizations). Also, the administration provides the cultural leisure (they go to the theater, the circus, the philharmonic). It is worth noting, that the organization of leisure in such small institutions is one of the most important points to that during their visits the human rights activists pay special attention.

During the visits, the shortcomings have been identified, which can be eliminated in a short period. Thus, in the inpatient department of Mukachevo territorial the quality artificial light in the rooms center should be increased.
In Uzhhorod territorial center there were no ramps; due to lack of elevator residents in wheelchairs and lying persons, especially on the second floor, cannot go down to walk without assistance.

“The shortcomings that exist in the centers, are largely a result of insufficient funding from local budgets. For example, for medicines only 60 cents per day are allocated, which is totally inadequate for seniors”Oleg Grigoryev said.

As a result of the visits, the respond acts to Commissioner will be prepared and sent to the Ministry of Social Policy and to the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.