A working meeting with the chairmen of village councils of Velyki .Luchki, Pavshino and Chomonin villages was held


In the first half of September, representatives of the Human Rights Fund “Progress” have carried out series of working meetings with the heads of village councils of villages Velyki Luchky, Pavshino and Chomonin to discuss joint actions on the establishment of bodies of self-organization of Roma communities.

Currently, in terms of the Ukrainian legislation and new policies towards the Roma minority, as part of the national integration of the Roma, the situation is definitely improving, but from a practical point of view, the overall social position and living conditions of the Roma is not changing for the better.

That is why during the meetings with representatives of local government there has been given special attention to the discussion of the “Regulations of the authority of self-organization of the Roma community”, as the basic document for the development of Roma communities, and the interaction of inhabitants of Roma settlements with the local authorities.

The new cooperation mechanism creates the best conditions for the direct participation of members of the Roma local communities in addressing local issues and allow members of Roma communities in the villages Velyki Luchky, Pavshino and Chomonin to participate more actively in the work of local self-government and strengthen their own responsibility for the situation in the camp.

PS: The project “Empowering Roma communities of Mukachevo district in decision making at the local level” is implemented by Human Rights Fund “Progress” with the support of Roma program initiative of the International “Renaissance” Foundation.