Advocacy Campaign to Support the Roma Self-Government in the Transcarpathian region

In September, a campaign was launched with aim to support the creation of the Roma self-government in our region. It will be implemented by strengthening the capacity of Roma organizations, community leaders and activists in the area.

Currently, the local authorities and Roma communities do not have the necessary resources for the joint in planning, coordination of the budget and implementation of the development strategies of the Roma communities. During the creation of local programs, which aimed to improve the community development, the most Roma do not participate in the process. In the consequence, there are only purely declarative documents. So, the level of socio-legal insecurity and poverty of the Roma population remains high.

Advocacy campaign aims to teach Roma and representatives of authorities to cooperate on equal terms.

Target audience:
– Roma organizations, leaders and activists of the Roma communities in Transcarpathian region;
– Representatives of local authorities in Mukachevo, Svalyava and Perechyn.

For the members of the Roma community, trainings about developing advocacy campaigns will be held. Also, the question about the development of Roma communities and protection of minorities will be considered during seminars for government officials.

The organizers are sure that this will raise the awareness of the members of Roma communities in issues about the protection of their rights and interests. For officials, it will help to break down the stereotypes about the passivity of Roma in society.

The main objective of the project is establishing a constructive dialogue between Roma and government. Therefore, in the campaign there will be organized workshops and round tables with representatives of Roma organizations and their leaders, activists and local authorities to jointly develop programs aimed at developing the Roma self-government in Transcarpathian region.

The campaign will end on November 30th, 2015. As a result, 15-20 people from the Roma leaders and activists will constitute the core of the team that will stand on protecting the rights and interests of the Roma community in Transcarpathia.

The project “Conducting advocacy campaigns in support of the Roma self-government in the Transcarpathian region” is implemented by the Human Rights Protection Fund “Progress”, supported by the European Commission and the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network.

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