Coalition for Combating Discrimination: planning the future!

On 15 and 16 of September in the Kyiv was hosted the IV Strategic Planning of the Coalition for Combating Discrimination (CCD) which was attended by over 20 people representing of NGOs Ukraine.

Coalition for Combating Discrimination
Members of the strategic planning for the efficiency

Helen German, the trainer on developing of strategies and proposals, coordinated the effective communication.
The purpose of planning was: to learn how to prevent and eliminate all forms of discrimination and ensure actual equality in Ukraine. The anti-crisis strategy consists of about 30 ambitious goals, which have to be achieved up to 2017 year.

An undeniable success was discussion of the advantages and disadvantages in the Coalition. On the advantages is that coalition is really the one platform that provides rapid and effective response / action on any kind of discriminatory effects. An interesting fact was joining of several new organizations to the ranks of the anti-discrimination unit. As disadvantages were considered some technical issues, such as the shortcomings of the organizational structure.

The participation in the strategic planning from the Fund “Progress” took Nataliia Kozyr.

Photo taken from the source: Coalition for Combating Discrimination