The Regulations on the Roma Self-Government Body in Mukachevo


The lawyers of the Mukachevo Human Rights Center for the first time in Ukraine created the “Regulations on the Roma Self-Government Body“. These Regulations is the basic document for the development and communication between the Roma community and the mayor and local authorities of the City; it also determines its status, goals, objectives, functions, powers, order of formation and activity. Prescribed procedure about an appointment of the general meeting, election and termination of the elder of the Roma settlement, council of elders and members of the street committee can be found in this document.

The main objective of the Regulations is to ensure participation of Roma in the management of the local affairs through systematic discussion by the territorial members of the Roma community.
The leaders of the Roma community and representatives of the city authorities actively participated in the drafting of the Regulations.

We are ready and will continue to develop the self-organization in the Transcarpathian region. We believe that it is the self-organization system that will be able to teach the residents about responsibility for their own home, for their neighborhood, for their city.

The draft of the Regulations can be found at the link

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