To Creation of the Roma Self-Governance Body in Transcarpathia Region Joined more Roma Settlements

Roma Self-Governance Body

The Human Rights Fund “Progress” with the financial support of International Foundation “Renaissance” launches the project “Empowering Roma communities of Mukachevo district in decision making at the local level”

The work within the project will focus on strengthening the capacity of members of initiative groups of representatives of Roma communities and rural councils of Mukachevo district in terms of joint work on the creation, development and good governance of the Roma Self-Governance Body (- further RSGB).

After creation, in the beginning of the current year, the first Roma Self-Governance Body in Svaliava city by Human Rights Fund “Progress” was established the “Resource Center of Roma Self-Governance.”

Currently, in the frame of the project, in the Resource Center for members of initiative groups and representatives of the Roma communities who wish to contribute to the development of the Roma self-governance will be established and adjusted work of:

1. Information and Analytical Department, will provide methodological assistance to RSGB in research and analysis of the opportunities and challenges of their work area, compile a summary of the city (village, settlement) to organize issues of publications about activities of RSGB, conduct roundtables, seminars, conferences and other forms of exchange of experience.

2. Legal Department, will provide advices to head and members of RSGB, members of initiative groups, representatives/lawyers CBOs, develop draft decisions of the local councils, administrative and legal documents for the creation, development and good governance of RSGB, prepare proposals for other acts that may be adopted by the city/rural councils and will include the interests of Roma communities.

3. Financial Department, will further engage in training of RSGB staff and provide accounting services to these bodies, monitor the changes taking place in the regulatory framework of financial-economic activity and tax legislation and promptly inform the members of RSGB, establish constant interaction with the tax inspection, treasury, pension fund and Social Security by explaining their guidelines and preventing errors.

4. Material and Technical Department, will assist in replicating information of RSGB, to provide facilities for various activities in the form of meetings RSGB members, members of initiative groups, round table discussions, negotiations, press conferences, seminars and workshops, provide access to the Internet and email, to provide reference literature.

5. Department of vocational education and training RSGB members, employees of departments of city councils and other public authorities who acts with RSGB and whose activity is related to the activities of RSGB.

It is expected in the time of completion of the project, that representatives of Roma communities of Transcarpathia region will have a strong theoretical basis to:
– Create the basic management skills required for effective management of the Roma community by means of Roma Self-Governance Body (RSGB);
– Develop the sense of own responsibility for the development of their communities;
– Develop practical skills essential for performing the necessary administrative functions for members RSGB;
– Will understand the documents as part of RSGB and independently develop their annual work on planning their RSGB;
– Will possess basic definitions, principles and the concept of participation; representatives of the Roma community in decision-making processes at the local level;
– Will have methods and mechanisms to attract residents of Roma communities to decision-making processes;
– Will gain practical experience in establishing ties and cooperation with local authorities.

According to the strong desire of Roma women to participate in the development of their community, a large focus of the project will be given to the inclusion of Roma women into work in initiative groups and steering committees of RSGB.

Created the RSGB will become part of local government and will play a significant role in modern life of Roma communities. Based on the initiative of the most active part of the Roma population, the RSGB, on the one hand, provide the opportunity to better identify and meet the vital needs of the Roma population; on the other – will stimulate more efficient government in the development of Roma settlements.

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PS: The project “Empowering Roma communities of Mukachevo district in decision making at the local level” is implemented by Human Rights Fund “Progress” with the support of Roma program initiative of the International Fund “Renaissance”.